E-Mail von Tyler Bouck


Am Sonntagabend nach dem Derby gegen den AEV erreichte uns eine E-Mail von Tyler Bouck. Er bedankte sich unter anderem für die Choreo und verlor noch einige Worte über die letzte Saison. Da wir euch den Text natürlich nicht vorenthalten möchten, haben wir nach Rücksprache mit Tyler von ihm die Erlaubnis erhalten, diesen auf unserer Homepage im originalen Wortlaut zu veröffentlichen.





I am sorry for the English.  I hope someone is able to translate for me and pass the message along.
I was forwarded a picture of the Deutscher Eishockey Meister 2014 banner today. I wanted to let you know how nice it was and how much it meant to me.  It was very special and brought back many memories.
My family and I treasured our time in Ingolstadt. It became a second home for us and we are so thankful for our German experience.
What made it special was the atmosphere created in the arena by you - the fans. There was nothing better than having a loud and exciting arena to play in, which was created by all of you.  I am so happy we were all able to experience the 2014 playoffs together. My only regret is that we weren't able to win it at home in front of you all.
Last season was a very difficult one for players and fans. There were many expectations for the team to be a top contender. When the team failed to live up to those expectations it was difficult for everyone.  Once the team was in the playoffs it all changed though. A "true team" we all stuck together, leaned on one another and supported one another. It was such a reward for myself to experience that in my last season.  I am proud and honoured to be a part of the 2014 ERC Panthers.
I wish you all much success in the coming years. I hope that the championship is something that returns to Ingolstadt again soon. Thank you so much for the banner. The picture will be put in a frame and displayed in my home. 






Tyler Bouck



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